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Although many people think that engagement rings

by:BoLin     2020-06-18
Some guys are opting for a non-traditional ring. Instead of having a piece of metal around their fingers, they are getting tattoos! I can see why men would be inclined to do this. Most men are not too excited when they realize they are getting married and that entails wearing a piece of jewelry. Plus, if you work with your hands around heavy machinery or equipment, there is always the risk of the ring being broken or damaged. Heaven forbid the ring cause your hand or arm to get hurt! Having a tattoo on your left ring finger not only tells everyone that you are off the market, but it also is a bit more convenient for those hard workers. However, the one thing about tattoos is that they are permanent! Let us hope you never get divorced because it is going to cost you a lot of money and pain for you to get that tattoo removed. And I am sure it is not very pleasant having a needle repeatedly stab you in the finger where there is little meat and so much bone. Maybe the guys who choose this alternative form of a wedding ring or engagement ring think that by experiencing agonizing pain, they are proving their love for their significant other. I would not want to inflict such pain on my beloved. Instead, I would want him to wear an actual ring. If he is worried he might lose or damage it, then take it off and leave it at home. However, that does kind of defeat the purpose of having a ring altogether! Most women would prefer their men keep their rings on their fingers to tell the world that they are not available for ogling. No matter what method you choose for your man and yourself, rest assured that you will both beautiful engagement rings set in an amazing band that you and your husband to be designed yourselves! That has to be a great feeling to have a teammate in this crazy journey we call life.
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