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As a tattoo artist, you could build your own cheap

by:BoLin     2020-06-09
1. Make following necessary parts prepared: an electric toothbrush, lighter, guitar string, 'AA' batteries, ruler wire cutters, hydrogen peroxide, latex gloves, cotton pads and swabs, super glue, ink, and disposable containers, etc. 2. Hold the toothbrush and pull the top upwards to make the head apart from its base. There might be an arrow pattern indicating where to follow, use it as a guide. 3. After removing the head there left an area containing a small piece of metal. Outside there is a hard plastic surrounding it which you should use your wire cutter to cut some segments away in order to make the metal exposed a little more. Put the batteries into the toothbrush. 4. Leave the toothbrush aside. Pick up your wire cutters to cut 3 centimeters of the guitar string. Make sure the cut end is very sharp so that when it penetrates skin there will be no pain because this will be your needle. Use the lighter to first sterilize the needle and then hydrogen peroxide, later dry it by a sterile cotton pad. 5. Put gloves on. Make some supper glue onto the exposed metal piece, adhere the blunt end of the needle to the top. And wait it to dry. Then you could clear the whole kit with your sterile cotton. 6. Up for now, the basic set of a cheap tattoo machine is well ready. You could dip the needle in ink; turn on the tattoo machine to try if it works.
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