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by:BoLin     2020-06-12
Technical Overview LCD TV that is 'Liquid Crystal Display' TV and LED (Light Emitting Diode) TV are available in various sizes, you can see that in the market they are available from 20 inches to 65 inches. Now read other aspects of both technologies. Exclusive Feature of LCD Television Display Quality of LCD The aspect ratio and resolution of this Television is fixed. This means that you will not experience changing the screen size of the picture at dynamic. It delivers bright images which give you a clear view of dim picture. The refresh rate of the picture is slow that produce the blur images. The completely flat screen screen gives the whole view of the picture sitting in front of the Television. Every company provides different quality in term of display effects so to buy best LCD television consider this feature very well. Power Consumption Power consumption is very efficient as compared to Plasma and CRT Television. This Television consumes around the 1/3 of electricity as the older technologies consume. Low Prize LCD TVs are Cheaper than plasma Television but costlier than CRT Television Exclusive Feature of LED Television Display Quality of LED TV Here, the aspect ratio and resolution is dynamic .This means that you can have the experience changing the screen size of the picture. It delivers bright images which give you a clear view of dim picture. The refresh rate is faster that give quality images with no distortion or minimal distortion. Don't think that LED Television is the best because the quality that company provide may differ Remember that check aspect this feature to Buy the best LED television. Power Consumption Power Consumption is lower than the LCD Television. Higher Prize The prize of this Television is higher than LCD Television it can be almost 20 to 50 % higher. Conclusion It is concluded that LED TV is the best but in term of prize comparison LCD TV is better. Most of the companies have introduced lots of improvement in term of the LCD picture quality but still it lags behind the picture quality of LED TV. If you have the budget range of about more than 30000 then you can afford LED but with smaller screens and in term of LCD you can get a larger screen . This means if you can pay higher amount you will larger screen with Great quality LCD and while LED of smaller screen with less features such watts of sound of the sound may be low. The most important factor that is to be considered the brand value. Higher the brand the higher the quality. So to buy the best LCD TV or to buy the Best LED tv Just go through the budget the all the aspects mentioned above.
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