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by:BoLin     2020-06-29
My suggestion is to buy tattoo ink in bulk at wholesale prices, preferably from an outlet. Be careful here! - there are a lot of fakes! Trust no one - test yourself first. There are too many cheap falsificates on the market so busy yourself with getting a reliable tattoo vendor to get your ink from. After all it is you and nobody else who will be responsible for your work and you never know if your client has a gun to visit you again with...Tattoo Machines:Tattoo artists employ such terms as 'machine', 'gun', 'iron' and others. My preference is just a 'machine' ,for it is exactly what it says - tattoo making machine. There are plenty of different makes and models to choose from. My point of view as well as technical information on tattoo machines will be explained in my future articles because it is quite the same as with tattoo ink - a great deal of information to talk about, a lot of stuff to pay your attention to and many things to keep in mind when you are buying your first tattoo machine.Tattoo needles:To have a good tattoo needles is a serious thing you should remember because it is a metal part that is in direct contact with your client's skin and must meet all hygienic requirements. Make sure your needles are bought from reliable source. Otherwise you can finish your tattoo career jailed and swearing that you 'didn't know that it would cause blood infection'... I'd like to repeat it again - guys: trying to find things cheaper is OK but keep in mind that you need the quality stuff also! With the needles it is very important.OK folks. This one was a kind of the way to introduce myself. In the next ones I'll share my thoughts on what tattoo tattoo supply to use and where to buy them. Thanks for your time folks!
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