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If you don't want to apply a heavy foundation,

by:BoLin     2020-06-30
Tinted moisturizer is applied in much the same way as your every day moisturizer. Start with a clean and dry face. Use your concealer under your eyes or anywhere else where you have shadows or discoloration. Keep in mind that the tinted moisturizer is sheerer than your foundation; it will not do as good of a job as your foundation at covering up blemishes, and so you will have to use your concealer to cover up any imperfections. Apply a small amount of the product to your fingertips and apply by blending from the center of your face outward. If you are using your fingers to apply the product, make sure your hands are clean. Some people like to apply the product with a foam wedge sponge or foundation brush, and this is purely a matter of your application preference. Make sure you completely blend the product along your hairline at your forehead and at the jaw line. In the same way you apply your foundation, you also want your tinted moisturizer to look natural and not like you are wearing a mask. A line of demarcation (where the product ends and your skin begins) is not an attractive look on anyone! Blending of the product is essential for a seamless look. You can dust some face powder over your face when you are finished to give it staying power and help avoid any oily shine, if you have oily skin, or you can just skip this step completely. Now that you have applied your product, you can go ahead and apply the rest of your makeup. You can find a variety of tinted moisturizers in your local drug store starting at around $10, and several of the department store brands also make tinted moisturizers ranging in price from $25 to $50. Reading online reviews of the various brands is a very good place to start your search for a product that is just perfect for you!
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