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In Thailand, Yantra or ritual tattoos have been

by:BoLin     2020-06-22
Yantra tattoos consist of images of snakes and tigers, Buddhist images, scriptures and lucky numbers. To benefit from a true yantra tattoo design, people believed that only monks could create them using old fashioned tools. Today, tattoo training programs enable students to study the art of Thai tattooing in a professional setting. Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to become part of the professional tattoo world. Yantra tattoos make use of special geometric patterns. The tattooing is accompanied by the Vedic chanting of a monk to help seal in the protective element of the tattoo. The completed tattoo is then consecrated in a ceremony with incense and candles, by the monk. In earlier times when tattoos were done at a certain temple, the person automatically belonged to a special group of people who were all tattooed at the same temple. Needless to say, with all the many tattoo courses and tattoo seminars available today, the yantra aspect of the Thai tattoo is slowly fading away. More people are having their tattoos done by professionals who attend tattoo training. Many of the qualified tattooists set up their own tattoo stores to provide these services. In Bangkok alone, it is believed that some of the best tattoo artists can be found. They are typically located in specific areas of the city and have a very large portfolio of tattoos for customers to choose from. One popular area for tattooists is the Chatuchak Market in Kao San Road area of town. From rock groups to music bands, Thais are getting themselves tattooed in the western style, disregarding ritualism in favor of decorative art, and because it is a way of being cool'. Thai women are still hesitant about getting themselves tattooed; if they do, they are usually found working as bar girls or the prostitution industry. For the Thai woman of good standing, tattoos are frowned upon by family members, and many employers are not too keen to employ tattooed women. This is certainly not the case with woman in the western world. From Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie to just about anyone visiting Bangkok, women are attracted by the prospect of being tattooed. It is still possible to find monks creating yantra tattoos at one of the thousands of temples in Bangkok. For the trendier tattoo seeker, a professional tattoo artist, trained in a tattoo schools will provide an excellent rendition of the tattoo of your choice. People who are looking to be tattooed should make sure to choose a tattoo parlor based on hygiene standards rather than prices. As with the rest of the world, ritual tattoos are now becoming decorative art in Thailand. Tattoo School Thailand provides a comprehensive tattoo training program with the requisite hands-on experience to its students. This is an award winning tattoo school Thailand that offers students a safe and clean environment for their learning endeavors.
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