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by:BoLin     2020-06-08
'This surgical laser machine is the first of its kind in Mumbai,' says a proud Dr Bhave, as she fondly pats her new machine, with its luxurious ophthalmic seat which reclines at different levels, and is monitored by different knobs. 'The lymphoedema clinic relieved my patients of oedematous pain and boosted the essence of altruism, nut this laser machine will bring out a surgeons' skills. A surgeon is basically a sculptor, and with a laser as his prime tool, he can do justice to finer regions like moles, scares, wrinkles, etc,' she adds. Dr Bhave points out that Indians have thicker facial skin (as compared to westerners), and so sagging is slightly delayed with them. But cosmetic surgery in India is gaining far greater acceptance. Irrespective of when it occurs, however, the remedy for facial sagging is a face-lift, which qualifies as a proper surgical procedure. The laser machine is significant in such treatments because it beautifully tackles surgical residue after these treatments; the fine horizontal lines on the brow, wrinkles around the mouth and eyes (commonly known as 'crow's feet'), and other such finer regions are smoothened effectively by the radiation. 'The side-effects, viz hypo and hyper pigmentation and dermatitis are almost negliglble (0.5 percent), and these are manageable,' says Dr Medha. In this procedure, the patient has to sit with their eyes closed, while she (the doctor) dons safety glasses for protection from the laser beam. Dr Bhave points out that 'moles, post-burn scars, tattoo scars, pimples, wrinkes, and acne vulgaries' are some of the primary skin ailments she treats, as she heaches for a couple of switches and cuts out an imaginary mole she had drawn on a piece of paper. She states that the whole job has now been reduced to an OPD procedure - after an anaesthetic cream is applied to numb the region, the laser is employed. The patient is saved from hospitalization and painful injections. The number of sittings a patient pay require will vary - a mole may take a few minutes and cost Rs 500 to Rs 1,00, while acne treatments pay require a large number of sittings, and cost only Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000. A slight redness of skin may ensue, which usually clears within a span of three to four weeks, without any side-effects. And, because the temporary redness can be easily camouflaged with a little make-up, you don't even need to take leave from work. Small conditions like wrinkles and scars may cost around Rs 5,000. The additional benefits from laser therapy include tightening of the skin, bone-removal and hair-transplantation. 'This laser therapy has increased my success guarantee-rate from eighty percent to ninety to ninety-five percent,' says Dr Bhave. With the advent of the internet, good quality plastic surgeon in India and the cost factors in India, many people from abroad come to the country to get their plastic surgery in India for 1/4th of the costs they might get abroad. Cosmetic surgery may not be an answer to many age related problems but they surely solve the aesthetic beauty portion of the body. Author of this article is Dr.Medha Bhave. She has completed her Master in Surgery and M.Ch. in Plastic Surgery. She founded her clinic for cosmetic surgery in the year 1999. She made radiosurgery popular way back in 2002 and started the technique of chemical peel in 2005. The clinic also has the facility for laser hair removal. It was the same year that she associated herself with the Param Hospital in Thane with 35 beds and state-of-the-art facilities with ICU, sophisticated operating theatres. The hospital has special machines for liposuction, lipoplasty. It has infact one of the most advanced plastic and cosmetic surgery unit for Liposuction, Breast Implants, Nose Surgery, Radio Surgery and Maxillofacial surgery. The hospital houses a special burns unit. Along with that, Dr. Medha Bhave also treats paients with Birth Anamolies, Body piercing, Non-Healing wounds, Derma fillers, Tummy Tuck, etc. This is a little brief about herself:- After graduating from BJ Medical college & Sasoon Hospital, Dr. Medha Bhave persued post-graduate course in general surgery for 3 years under the able guidance of reputed teachers like Dr.MJ Joshi & Dr.VG Joshi. She also completed diplomate of National Board in Surgery. She can be reached at :
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