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Koi fish tattoos are becoming popular right now

by:BoLin     2020-06-25
Tattooing plays an important role in both Chinese and Japanese myths, legends and stories. The varieties of a koi fish in traditional Japanese tattoos include:1. Kohaku is a red patterned and white skinned Koi2. Taisho Sanshuko (Sanke) is a red and black patterned white skinned koi3. Showa Sanshoku (Showa) is a black skinned koi with red and white patterns4. Tancho is any koi with the only red circle on its forehead5. Asagi is a koi with red scales on its bottom and light blue scales on its top6. Shusui Asagi is the partially scaled version7. Bekko is a white, red or yellow skinned koi with black patterns8. Utsurimono is a black koi with a red, white, or yellow pattern9. Goshiki has a red, white,brown, and blue accents with mostly black koi10. Ogon has a red, orange,platinum, yellow and crime combined in one solid color, can also be regular or metallic11. Doitsu-goi is a German carp12. Koromo koi has areas of blue-edged scales aligned neatlyThe decision with the koi fish tattoo is purely based on ones desire and preferences. Each one can choose whatever color, style, length, position of their tattoo. It is still a matter of one's own interpretation. For more information, check out: Koi Fish Tattoos
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