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Makeup companies have created several types of

by:BoLin     2020-06-30
Pencil - the most common form and the most versatile of all eyeliners. Eyeliner pencils come in 2 forms: powder and wax. Powder eyeliners give you more control and a well-defined look compared to wax pencils. Wax pencils are somewhat hard to apply, but they stick longer compared to powder eyeliners. Some wax pencils also come with a smudger to help soften out a harsh lines if you feel that the color is too strong for you. To use, simply sharpen the pencil and line your eyes like you would with a pencil on paper. Gently rub the pencil back and forth until you get the right amount of color on your lid. A sharp tip will give you a well-defined thin line, while a dull tip will result to a wider, softer line. Be careful not to sharpen the pencil too much as it can injure your lids. Eyeliner pencils are mostly used for an easy, every day look. Liquid - liquid eyeliners can come in bottles or in a pencil-type container. It is packed with color, so a little bit goes a long way; one stroke and you have enough color that will last you even until evening. Unlike pencils, you need a steady hand with a lot of control when applying. It needs some time to stick to your lids so don't even blink during and after application until you feel that it's dry. It has a very high learning curve, and not suitable for beginners. If you wish to experiment with liquid eyeliners, choose instead liquid pencils - which are really liquid eyeliners in a pencil-type applicator. Liquid eyeliners give you a more dramatic look, perfect for a night out or a romantic date. Gel & Cakes - gel eyeliners have even richer pigment compared to liquid eyeliners. It's gaining popularity because it's very easy to apply and very mild to your eyes. Cake eyeliners work like liquid eyeliners as you use a wet or damp soft angled brush for application. Cake eyeliners are preferred by many makeup artists because it offers great control and ease of use. Eyeliners will never go out of trend. Your eyeliner can go without an eyeshadow, but your eyeshadow needs your eyeliner to make your eyes more arresting and captivating.
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