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One of the great things about LA Ink Tattoos is

by:BoLin     2020-06-20
Additionally, women's tattoos and LA ink tattoos for men also tend to be located onto different areas of the body. In general, tattoos on the lower extremities (i.e. the forearm or lower leg) are still very much considered to be tattoos for men, as are those across the stomach or on the shoulders (deltoids). Tattoos around the belly button, those going into the pubic area, or those placed on the lower back or shoulder blades are considered to be part of the feminine domain. Among the different LA Ink Tattoos, some are generally more for men or women, while others are commonplace for both. Listed below are just a few types of LA ink tattoos: Traditional American- LA Ink Tattoos designed with bold and black outlines that make use of premade designs. These could typically be found on the wall of any tattoo shop, and have popular old school themes such as pin-up girls and sailing ships. These are almost always considered to be tattoos for men. New school- LA Ink Tattoos that are fresh and innovative (in contrast with the Traditional American style), and made with modern technology. These tattoos can be of virtually anything and as such are common for both men and women. In the case of women, as aforementioned they often involve feminine themes such as birds, animals, candy or flowers. Asian- Oriental themed LA Ink tattoos with characters or images coming mainly from China and Japan. Stemming from two distinctly male dominant societies, these tattoos have traditionally been considered tattoos for men, but nowadays are becoming common on women as well. Sleeve tattoos on the arms or legs however are still the domain of tattoos for men. Biomechanical- LA Ink Tattoos that mix organic patterns or images with mechanical ones (such as cybernetic dragons). Although these may be seen on women or men, they are still very much considered to be tattoos for men. Tribal- Bold, yet simple intersecting lines and patterns. These LA Ink Tattoos are very common among people of both sexes, but the placement is generally different. Tribal tattoos for men tend to be across the chest or upper back as or armbands, while women's tattoos tend to be across the lower back just above the rear. Photorealistic- Lifelike realistic pictures that are tattooed onto the skin. These are still most common as tattoos for men, and often feature portraits of women. Hybrids - LA Ink Tattoos that combine themes or genres together into something completely unique. As this can be any kind of combination, these may be both tattoos for men or tattoos for women. This wide range of LA ink tattoos make Kat's shop (High Voltage Tattoo) all the more popular, and people from all walks of life (and from all over the world) come to her shop to 'get inked'. Unfortunately, however, as a function of this popularity, the shops (and particularly Kat) are always in a position where they can pick and choose their customers, and efforts to get LA ink tattoos are not always successful. In addition to choosing her own clients, Kat also makes her own schedule, making it that much more difficult to book an appointment to have work done. With a wide range of LA ink tattoo designs ranging from New School and Asian to Hybrids and Photorealistic, la ink tattoos represent the industry standard in modern tattoo work. With her talented staff of both male and female artists, Kat's shop shows no gender bias either, and is sure to be producing great LA ink tattoos for years to come.If you are looking for unique, hot and sexy tattoo design I recommend you have a look at They have more than 30,000 tattoo designs in their gallery. Also, make sure you check out for killer articles.
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