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One such artist that has caught our attention is Norm

by:BoLin     2020-06-08
Judging from his paintings of beautiful women altered by hand, miniature constructs of ghetto city scenes, and his drive to never stop tattooing, failure is definitely not an option for this artist. His patience and drive keep him moving, learning, and progressing as an artist. He produces his own unique style; a body of work that ranges in all forms, but keeps its own identity. 'Always' was produced for a recent show at a LA gallery where he showcased the fusion of his work with prints of tattooed women. He often works with photos, painting over them, covering them with decorative work and calligraphy. Printed in four colour ways, we currently have the blue version in the Brighton gallery demonstrating the clear crossover between graffiti and body art, his prints echo some of the intricate designs used by tattoo artists. Norm's main influences lay in the very foundation of his art; the streets. In his youth, he was obsessed with graffiti, everything he did revolved around painting. Previous to that, the artist states ' my obsessions ran a much darker course, and writing graffiti kept my demons at bay, so I threw myself into it entirely'. As with many artists from LA, street art was a vehicle for avoiding the trouble that the other side of the streets had to offer. Norm has a very fresh outlook on his work combined with a relaxed approach, making work that he likes to look at. 'I thought I would do graffiti always and forever, until I started tattooing...Tattooing has taken me across the country and around the world and turned into something I hadn't come close to imagining...I've focused all my attention on the space in between the two things I love, graffiti and making tattoos. Beyond that, there is no more thought or context in my work but making the kind of art I want to make and that I want to see by any means available to me. The stuff I make is for me and whoever else likes it.' A true precisionist, Norm has also ventured into tattoo machine building; creating intricate tools of the trade used the world over by renowned tattoo artists. Now located in Los Angeles, California, Norm owns and operates WILL RISE TATTOO with his amazingly talented team of tattoo artists.
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