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Our skin is the most susceptible to outside forces;

by:BoLin     2020-06-29
Causes of Age Spots Dark spots on face are caused due to an increase of melanin in the body. This is a pigment that provides color to the skin. Although, ultraviolet rays of the sun are the main cause, genetics also play a significant role in developing these liver spots. With a lot of sun exposure, the melanin production is higher. After a period, it forms into clusters producing brown spots on different parts of your skin. Age also hastens the production of this pigment resulting in brown-colored spots, usually seen more on the face. Nutritional deficiencies can also cause pigmentation; in some rare conditions, impaired liver functioning could also be the reason for these spots. Different Types of Red Marks Various types of red specks can appear on the skin; red spots on face can be due to several conditions. Pustules, for example, are recurrent and can subside after a while. Rosacea is skin condition that takes on a flushed look because of red marks on the forehead, cheeks and nose. This skin problem can worsen with excessive sunlight exposure, hot baths, stress, spicy foods, alcohol and some medicines. Natural remedies are preferred by many patients; niacinamide cream which is a kind of vitamin B3 can help when applied on the spots. A strict anti-inflammatory perhaps can help to a certain extent. Acne is another condition that develops due to sebaceous glands that are overactive. Age old home treatments for acne are well known; honey, egg whites, oatmeal, papaya etc are all good for curing these non-inflammatory lesions. Causes and Remedies for Red Patches Red spots on face can also occur in the form of patches. The probable causes could be fungal or bacterial infection. Illnesses such as diabetes, liver or kidney problem and anemia can cause the patches. Certain chemicals in the makeup, dry and spicy food, lack of moisture and nutrition can all lead to red patches. Other causes could be genetics and stress. Some women get this after childbirth. Avoiding the sun and chemical-based makeup can help in curing the problem. Good rest and relaxation together with nutritious food is a must. Fungal infections have to be treated with an antibiotic.
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