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Photo Rejuvenation Limelight is a non-surgical

by:BoLin     2020-06-29
To combat these symptoms of sun damage, specialist practitioners offer Limelight technology, a non-surgical procedure that requires practically no downtime for patients. The Cosmedical Rejuvenation Clinic, under the direction of Dr. Atul Kesarwani, provides this treatment in Toronto. Imperfections in the skin are typically caused by the aging process and exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun. These rays penetrate the skin, causing damage to the genetic structure of skin cells, which then produce excess pigment. Blemished skin is the result. How does it work? During the procedure, a laser is guided over the treated area, sending pulses of light into targeted sections of the skin. The laser energy heats the sun-damaged cells, causing them to break apart. The gentle heating process also stimulates the growth of collagen, a protein that makes the skin strong and supple. Following the treatment, the broken-up particles of unwanted cells gradually migrate to the surface of the skin, where they flake off. In this way, the Limelight process harnesses the body's natural cycles of renewal. The procedure is so quick that patients may undergo treatment during their lunch-break. It is also practically free of discomfort. How does it feel? The patient typically spreads a layer of cooling jelly over the affected area of skin before the treatment begins. The Limelight hand-piece also cools the outside of the skin while heating the deeper layer.The pulsing light may cause the patient to feel a pinching or stinging sensation, and a numbing cream is available, but the pain is usually very mild. Mild swelling and redness may affect treated areas, but this is part of the natural healing process. A cold compress can sooth minor discomfort that patients may experience. Patients may also apply makeup over the affected areas until the sun-damaged areas heal. Limelight treatment and you Between one and three treatments over a period of several weeks is usually enough to make the skin smoother, clearer, and rejuvenated. Doctors commonly use this technique to improve skin condition on the face, chest, shoulders, arms and hands. New imperfections may appear due to further sun damage, but these can also be treated with the Photo Rejuvenation Limelight. However, the damaging effects of ultraviolet light can be avoided by applying a wide-spectrum sunscreen. The effectiveness of Limelight procedure - also known as photofacial treatment - depends on factors including the type of skin condition and its severity. Patients should also note that the treatment cannot cure chronic conditions such as rosacea, although it may reduce facial redness caused by this condition.
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