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by:BoLin     2020-06-14
Even with the increasingly discerning decisions - various thoroughly basic questions still get asked. We talked with Tattoo Temple in Hong Kong and formulated the 5 inquiries one shouldn't ask whilst commissioning tattoo art. Tattoo Temple was the first studio in Asia to institute the art tattoo and is the leading body art organization. Despite their clientele being mostly CEO's, medical doctors, attorneys along with professionals from a variety of fields - Tattoo Temple isn't a stranger to the cringe worthy question. In reverse order, here are the top five: 5: 'I couldn't get a large tattoo... If I get a smaller tattoo it will hurt less - right?!' Its correct that there will be a smaller amount time under the needle nevertheless the per-minute pain of receiving a tattoo is a predetermined unit. There are two variables that affect the pain level; the location and the person. Tattoos on different areas of the body will have changeable tiers of pain associated. Such as, clientele getting tattooed on the back of their knees, feet or neck often feel that these areas are more painful than getting tattooed on a more usual place like the back or shoulder. The second aspect is a person's pain threshold. Other than these two, big or petite, a tattoo is a tattoo! 4: 'If I get a big tattoo will it fade earlier?' Whether or not tattoos lighten or last depends wholly on the ability of the artist that applied it and how you treat the tattoo afterwards. If the tattooist does not know what they are doing or uses low-grade ink then the tattoo won't be applied correctly. If it was not applied properly it will therefore fade out. Or, if you are out in the sun regularly without proper protection over your tattoo then it can start to grow fainter. Size is beside the point; it's who applied it as well as how you take care of it that makes all the difference. 3: 'I would love to get a color tattoo but every the colour ones fade out, correct?' Certainly not! For those who go to the right tattoo artists, they use the best ink and also you take care of the tattoo then a color tattoo will survive as long as a black one! Tattoos sit on the second layer of skin. This means your own skin tone will be on top of the colour of the tattoo. Apart from this visual aesthetic, the life of the color ink is precisely the same as black ink. 2: 'I heard that there is a numbing ointment I might use so I do not need to feel the tattoo?' Quite simply, anyone that even suggests a pain-free tattoo is possible (while you're conscious) is untruthful. The fact is that these sorts of products do not work with tattoos. Tattoos are lasting because they rest on the middle layer of skin. Quite simply, the top layer of human skin is constantly shedding, the middle layer is constant, and the base layer connects the blood vessels and nerves. Numbing lotions are applied and work on the top layer of skin only. The tattoo sits on the second layer of skin. Lidocaine, the most common active ingredient in numbing creams, only works on a little piece of skin and doesn't cut off all sensation to the area. It doesn't matter what gel you use, you're going to feel the tattoo! 1: 'I'm looking to get a tattoo! Could you please design it for me?' This is the grand winner! We are considering customized art. The artist has to know what style or styles you would like incorporated, where you'd like the tattoo, how much space you would prefer to use, your color and design preferences along with a full assortment of additional details. To say 'I need a tattoo! Could you please design it for me?' may be the equivalent of asking 'I would like my dream house! Could you please build it for me?'. Being as preciseat the ready will help your custom tattoo artist produce your tailor artwork. Don't attempt to commission body art empty handed! Tattoo Temple Hong Kong followed the interview by saying that no matter what the inquiries - they are always happy to answer! Their contact information is available on their website.
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