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Sometimes people who occasionally want tattooing

by:BoLin     2020-06-26
First, you need to get following items prepared which are easy to find in life: Bic pen, guitar strings, tooth brush, an eraser, a small motor operated by battery, and tapes. Now you could follow below procedures to make them up to one set of homemade cheap tattoo machines: The bic pen is which would be your tube to house the needle, take off the ink tube of it and pull the ball out, insert the needle into the tip. Go with the tooth brush now. Cut off the bristles. Use your lighter to heat the tooth brush to '7' shape, until the shape is stiff. Make the two above items together. Use tapes to join the bic pen to the tooth brush. Shove the eraser to the shaft of the motor, make it right in the middle. And then join the set to the tooth brush and the bic pen. Tape the brush and the motor. Until now, the basic form of a homemade tattoo machine is ready. You need to find a power source, such like a plug-in adapter from a CD player and so on. Hook up a battery to the switch and make the motor connected to it. Start the whole set and then you could find you've already make up one set of your homemade cheap tattoo machines.
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