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Taking the plunge.

by:BoLin     2020-06-15
Going all in. Doing the deed. These well-known phrases equal commitment and, no matter how you coin it, making a commitment that you can't easily go back on is not something to be taken lightly. We test drive cars, date prospective partners and vet potential colleagues because increased knowledge leads to a more informed decision. The decision to get a permanent tattoo is a big one, of course. Careful thought is given to design selection and body placement. Selecting an artist is usually a long, deliberate process. But no matter how much work and thought you devote, you'll never know how the design will look on your skin, how you will feel seeing it day after day or how it will look paired with different articles of clothing. What if you could easily know all of that? What if you could experience having the tattoo on your body without actually going under the needle? It's entirely possible and will probably be the easily part of your vetting process. Recently we received a request for a custom temporary tattoo from a woman and her daughter. The two were contemplating getting matching real tattoos and, before doing so, thought it would be a great idea to get custom tattoos of their design made. This way, the mother told us, they could try different placements on the body and see how they feel wearing the design for a few days. We have also seen this idea thrown around in the Twittersphere and we have blogged on it. Despite all this chatter, it isn't something that is done often. Probably because (even though we're crazy about them) temporary tattoos do not come up all that often so they're not at the forefront of people's minds when making a decision like this. Still, getting a custom temporary tattoo made of your chosen design before going under the needle is an excellent concept! Test drive your tattoo!
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