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Tattoo drawings of crosses have become increasingly

by:BoLin     2020-06-22
There is a numerous variety of the tattoo drawings of crosses. The most basic being the image of two lines crossing each other. It is known as the Latin cross. Another common and popular cross is the crucifix, where the images of Jesus is represented in many ways and variations. An alternative to the highly popular Christian cross is the Celtic cross. It is made up of a Latin cross (which represents the four elements of earth, air, water and fire) with a circle (representing the promise and hope of eternal life) surrounding it. It has a far longer history and is really popular with Christians as well as non-Christians. The memorial cross is also fast becoming one of the most popular tattoo crosses. It is especially popular for wearers who have lost their loved ones as it is a tattoo drawing in the shape of a gravestone. The tattoo served as a memory they want to preserve of their loved ones as well as to honor them. The Gothic cross has become one of the favourites among the younger generation who is involved with the Gothic movement. The recent popularity of the Gothic movement has fuelled the demand for the cross which has tattoo drawings of blood, barbed wire and knives or daggers. Believed to have originated form Germany, it does not represent any form of religious connections except for the movement. Tattoo drawings of crosses have been around for a long time. And its popularity does not seem to be waning. This is because it symbolises so many different feelings, emotions and beliefs for so many people. It is also one of the most beautiful and simple tattoos to have.
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