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Tattoos are a way of expressing yourself by planting

by:BoLin     2020-06-21
ink on your skin either permanently or temporarily. The ink is injected into the layer of your skin to alter the pigment. Now, your tattoo can signify a lot of things. In the case of the Grim Reaper, it is quite simple, it signifies death.According to the 'legend' of the Grim Reaper, the Reaper collects human souls. It comes to meet the dying person and right at the moment of the person's death, uses a scythe to remove the soul of the person from the body. It then takes the soul to the 'final destination' and then moves to its new victim.Now there are different images of the Grim Reaper which are available. The most common one is the figure where it is draped in a cloak which is completely black and long and has a hood. Along with this, it also has a scythe on a long stick. Now the figure which is found underneath is also different in cases.Some people say that it has a very pale face with features you can barely make out and along with this its hands are also pale and white. According to some, it is like a skeleton with bony hands and flames coming out from its eyes. Some even say that it is so dark, it does not have any features at all.Now, there are different ideas that will make your Grim Reaper Tattoo look good. The first is that go can go the classic way, where the Reaper is in the full length, black cloak with the tall scythe posing in the way you wish. The next is by just having an empty skull layer over a scythe. The other is by having a skull which is engulfed in flames.You can even have the image of the Reaper riding a pale white horse. You can even have the image of a soul which is caught on the scythe. Now if you don't want a bony version of the Grim Reaper tattoo you can have any other version of it with the scythe and which looks evil.
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