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Tattoos have become a very popular form of body

by:BoLin     2020-06-16
A tattoo is basically a puncture wound that is made deep in the skin. It is made by piercing the skin with a needle and injecting the ink in the area. Some sort of design gets created in the process and so a professional tattoo artist is needed for doing this kind of body art. Earlier, inking was done manually by the professional artists by puncturing the skin with a needle and injecting the ink by hand. This method of body engraving art is still practiced in few parts of the world. However, nowadays most of the tattoo shops make use of tattoo machines for making this kind of permanent designs on the skin. The professional artists know how deep the needle needs to be driven to the skin. Your tattooing may take several hours, depending on the design and size you have chosen. Given below are some star tattoo ideas that might interest you. Shooting stars-This particular tattoo art in black ink looks great. It generally depicts that short yet a very important incident of your life and the consequences it has on you. A star tattoo with the initial of your name-It is an amazing tattoo idea to have your initial hugging the star. For instance, if your name is Sandra, you can have the initial of your name 'S' hugging or rather hanging onto the star. This would give your body art a more personalized touch. Constellation of stars-It is great to have a constellation of stars on lower tummy, neck or abdomen. But just having them on any of these body parts may give a dull look. In order to make it more interesting and exciting it would be a great idea to design small dots all around the big and small stars to create that magical effect. Combination of angel and a star-The combination of an angel and star in a tattoo design has been in vogue for a very long time. They depict deep spiritualism when combined together. Angel star tattoos symbolize the connection between the evil and the good, guardian of Almighty and the messenger and finally the connection between life and death.
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