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The lotus flower is to the East what the rose

by:BoLin     2020-06-23
It has a strong connection with Hinduism and Buddhism - both religions use the flower as a symbol of perfection, a symbol of the divine, giving it a mystic quality like no other flower. The Hindu deities are depicted with the lotus flower as part of them or holding a lotus flower. Buddhists see the flower as the throne of Buddha. Its petals represent the eightfold path of Buddhism called the Dharma. In some cultures the color of the lotus flower has different meanings - white for purity, blue for goodness and red for enlightenment. The ancient Egyptians regarded the blue lotus as sacred and a sign of purity, as dirt did not cling to its petals.'>Lotus flower tattoos can give us a sense of the devine . It has extraordinary hardiness. Its seeds can lie dormant for two hundred years and then bloom with the first rains. It has a tough stalk that is not easily broken. To the Chinese, this is a symbol of faithfulness.The lotus flower tattoo symbolizes new beginnings, new hope, new life, longevity and endurance. Because of the importance it holds in so many cultures, the lotus flower has been depicted thousands of times. This means there are numerous lotus flower tattoo designs. The designs are many and varied and can be worn on any part of the body. You can choose one to help express your personality and your feelings. You can send a message to the world or you can simply wear a lotus flower tattoo for yourself - to give you strength, to give you hope, to lift your spirits, to remind you to never say die, to endure. ------ You can find your special lotus flower tattoo and all the information you will need on tattoo artists, risks and aftercare at: William Burnell has a long standing interest in tattooing - its art, design and history - and enjoys sharing this to help people find their own unique symbol of self-expression
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