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LED Effects Light

Traditional LED lights were once heralded as technological

by:BoLin     2020-07-02
The first benefit of new LED light technology is a lower level of heat generation from the light itself. The traditional design relied on normal circuit designs. The latest technology minimizes the heat sink capability to improve reliability and offer additional energy savings. This is primarily achieved through design alterations which minimize the space hot air can sink into. Another benefit of new LED lights is individual current control. The normal design included one device per package. By relying on multiple chips per device, significant variations in input currents were common. To leverage individual current control, the latest LED lights provide one ship per device. This allows for accurate current control despite small fluctuations in the current. A common complaint of traditional LED lights was converting energy into power. There were a variety of barriers which kept LED technology from being widely adopted. These barriers include power line length limits, higher parts costs, higher wattage requirements in relation to the converter, larger space requirements, and an overall inefficiency of voltage conversion. By utilizing AC direct less circuit space equipment is required which makes the entire component more cost effective. It also allows the system to be less dependent upon an individual components lifespan. The result is not only more reliability but also higher energy efficiency because a minimum amount of unnecessary heat is generated. The final notable difference between the latest LED light technology and traditional LED options is color and brightness. Traditional technologies relied on red and green phosphor which causes reliability issues and brightness drops. In some scenarios this can also decrease the overall efficiency by nearly 25 percent. By leveraging various chips, the efficiency drop can be minimized and the brightness drop is less the concern. This not only expands the lifetime of the light but also improves overall efficiency. The newest generation of LED light technology provides noticeable performance gains on a variety of fronts. The underlying equipment requires less energy and space. The lights require less energy and are more reliable. Individual components play a smaller role in the chance for entire system failure. In the end, greater reliability and improved performance means a greater ROI for end-users and a more cost effective solution over the lifespan of each individual light.
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