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When asking people why they do tattoos, you can

by:BoLin     2020-06-07
Tattoo design varies in different styles. Those who like to try different designs may prefer stencil tattoos. Kids may do glitter tattoos to show their innocent and cute. Here are some other styles you may have never tried before. Tribal Style We should acknowledge that tribal culture has a huge impact on tattoo industry. You can see a motorcycle family prints tribal culture designs on T-shirts. Whey doing tribal style tattoos, first you should bind shark teeth and animal bones together with sticks, and then dip them in ink. Hit the stick, the ink will be inserted into the skin. Most tribal style tattoo designs are black, formed by lines of different thickness. Totem is mostly evolved from tribal style tattoo designs. Motorcycle style In 1960s, among all the groups in U.S., motorcycle families are the most closely connected with tattoos. Motorcycle style tattoo designs are totally different from traditional tattoos. Their ink is almost all black. The patterns are punctured by single needle and the lines are delicate. The theme of motorcycle style tattoo designs has nothing to do with patriotism and military. Some may even indicate obvious attitude towards anti-society. Traditional Japanese style In traditional days, Japanese mostly tattoo on the face. About 300 years BC, hero and warriors in the myth often have tattoo designs like carp, dragons and tigers, which are surrounding by regular wave (the so-called plate fog), stripes and flowers (including cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums and peonies). Most traditional Japanese style tattoo designs have a floating style. Chicano Style Chicano style refers to Spanish-speaking Latin American descent. Chicano style tattoo designs often represent the loyalty to organizations, family, women and the God. These tattoo designs requires a professional tattoo machine and excellent tattooing skills, so they are not so common in our daily life. Anyway, I really appreciate them.
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