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When you have a tattoo at a younger age, you may

by:BoLin     2020-06-08
The cost of laser removal treatment can vary from $300 to $900. It depends on how many sessions you will need and on the size of your tattoo picture. You may also possibly get financial support from your medical plan. You may need up to 10 laser sessions with intervals as long as several weeks. Though the laser session is quite short, which takes only a couple of minutes. Each session will send out stronger laser light, in order to clean the deeper tattoo inks. Before the laser removal, you will be examined of your tattoo ink colors as well as your skin tone, in order to find you a suitable laser light. The laser treatment is most effective for medium-light skin with darker tattoo inks applied sparsely and close to the skin surface. This is because the laser light will seek contrast to target the appropriate pigments, so that the greater the contrast, the more effective the removal process and the fewer sessions needed. Dark tattoo inks are also easily fragmented than brighter inks. You will be give oral pain medication such as Tylenol and a topical anesthetic cream before you get the laser treatment. Some patients receive an injected local anesthetic instead. Your eyes will also be covered by eyewear for protection. The laser machine sends out concentrated laser light in regular pulses, in order to fragment the tattoo ink. The length of the laser wave is particularly suitable for fragmenting the tattoo inks without hurting your skin. As a result, the laser machine will be reset frequently if you have a colorful tattoo. The ink absorbs the laser light and breaks into particles, which finally will be cleaned out by your skin. You need to use antibacterial ointment and bandage after you get laser removal sessions. You skin is especially sensitive after the removal session, so that you had better not swell or expose your skin under the sun. For the first days, the skin will burn a bit, which becomes lighter after a week. You may also experience side effect after the laser removal. Usually good tattoo removal experts can avoid the side effects by good removal skill. So the side effects are not very common, which can include blistering, infection, loss of skin color, or scabbing. These symptoms should go away after a week and your skin should look back to normal. If the symptoms stays more than two weeks, or you feel extremely uncomfortable, contact your doctor immediately.
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